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Are you tired of bidding your trash and recycling services only to get the same results and then have to go out to bid again? There is a better way!

TOG, as your Waste Manager of Record works with the top-tier haulers in your area to establish a waste contract that makes sense and is fair for both the hauler and your company.

A stable waste contract starts with a Waste Manager like TOG, who in turn chooses the Hauler and Recycler that is best suited for the property, and not necessarily as the lowest bidder. TOG Compaction is used wherever possible by TOG to reduce waste volumes that require 7 day a week service. 

TOG has knowledge and hands-on operating experience in all phases of waste compactor rental and collection. Operating on a national basis, TOG has the expertise needed to develop sustainable waste contracts for its customers and clients.

Start getting results today with a TOG Waste Reduction Agreement.

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