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Installation and Maintenance Programs

The O'Keefe Group offers clients with multiple service locations a way to centrally procure and install equipment, provide on-going fleet management, and coordinate equipment replacement as it becomes necessary.

Under a national TOG Service Agreement, TOG bundles equipment, installation, preventative maintenance, and emergency repair support. We hire, schedule, and pay the installer. TOG equipment inspectors inspect all installations to ensure that the installer has followed factory procedures for proper installation and OSHA approved use.

TOG offers 6 major installation types by make and model. These include:

  • a side-load security chute
  • a rear-load security chute
  • a free-standing doghouse enclosure
  • a dock-load with hand and toe rails
  • a drive-on enclosure
  • a walk-on enclosure.

We have specifications for all six packages. If your compactor installation needs are unique, TOG Advisory Services offers custom design and integration support on a national basis.

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