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The O'Keefe Group’s primary goal is to reduce acquisition and ownership costs for purchasing, installing, and maintaining the selected waste system. Waste reduction and recycling are at the center of every TOG solid waste master plan. We offer on-going service agreements to those clients that require an end-to-end solution. TOG manages budgets and implements standard operating procedures that are both sustainable and verifiable, with a view towards continued pressure on cost.

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Waste Reduction Programs Capabilities

TOG Advisory Service, a division of The O’Keefe Group, Inc. (TOG) is the foremost authority in the solid waste management industry. TOG develops and implements waste reduction strategies that address the inherent conflicts of interest caused by hauling oriented solutions.

TOG is familiar with the variety of problems property owners encounter when using local haulers to navigate regional and national disposal problems. Disposal, not hauling, is a regional and national problem that requires agency and representation when being purchased. TOG is that representative.

To expound further, far too many companies turn to haulers for waste handling equipment expertise. Haulers lack knowledge of makes, models, material densities, hydraulics, hoisting, fabrication, and installation as it is related to your loading areas. One size does not fit all. Mismatched application of equipment leads to higher hauling, handling, storage, and disposal costs. Many times the compactors cannot achieve a 4 to 1 compaction ratio, a basic goal of volume reduction and containerization.

A TOG Advisor guides you through the entire process of sourcing and specifying equipment during the planning and design stage. Knowledge of manufactured solutions, equipment configurations, installation types, loading clearances, hauling equipment types in your area, alternative recycling uses, recycling packaging, material-handling, methods of storage, and marketing channels for loose and compacted waste are just a few of the reasons why a TOG Advisor can help.

Under a TOG Waste Reduction Agreement (WRA), waste is routed away from the hauler's vertically integrated disposal sites for alternative processing and use. The optimal waste reduction solution for any property owner requires an understanding of national waste contracting dynamics and the various disposal/recycling options available in a particular metro area, something TOG excels at.

TOG Advisors do not stop at waste reduction savings. TOG also provides "On-Going Service Management" for thousands of companies that need operational support managing waste logistics and compactor maintenance. TOG has the service network needed to route waste to the lowest cost provider. TOG is incentivized to reduce the waste money spent and cut compactor maintenance costs. TOG has its own fleet of compactor and baler rentals and can share its savings experiences with you as Client and Customer.

TOG, for more than 40 years, has contracted waste on a national level. Recycling is our primary goal. For every ton of solid waste that we divert away from the "big trash" landfill, we save and create a $120.00 value per ton. If the recyclable material we divert has a commodity value and commercial quantities are sufficient, we will establish a recycling rebate program and manage the quality of the sorted material and the weights to ensure that material eligible for recycling credits is fully accounted for.

To learn more about how a TOG Advisor can help your company, simply drop us a line at

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